Farmers Market – Fall Harvest

We got up early on Saturday morning and ventured to the farmers market, where we found a wonderful fall harvest of goodies. We really lucked out with gorgeous fall weather too.

capital at farmers marketThere were so many colorful varieties of crops.

colorful tomatoes

colorful peppers

colorful carrots

colorful pumpkins

colorful gourds

We saw lots of fingerling potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, sweet corn, apples, and watermelon.

sunflower bouquets

We also saw the usual: cheese, bakery, honey, and flowers. The dahlias were stunning!


dahlia bouquets

red dahlia

I saw a couple new ways people are displaying their crops at the market, from this giant basket of lettuce,

lettuce basket

to these silver platters to show apples.silver platter of apples

My favorite finds were pumpkin scones, pumpkin cookies, apple cider donuts and applesauce.

This particular market really got me in the mood for the fall season, and some fall cooking and baking, which I haven’t been doing much lately. Thanks for stopping by!


5 thoughts on “Farmers Market – Fall Harvest

  1. Hello Terri,

    Look at all those fresh fruit and veg,just so yummy. Good luck with your cooking. Interesting to see the different apple varieties.
    What is the building in the background?

    Happy days.

  2. When I was up there last month my MIL took me to their farmers market in West Bend and OH MY GOODNESS it was marvelous!!! I was slightly jealous! We have nothing like that here in NC…..maybe in Raleigh,but not Fayetteville where I live. So looking at your beautiful pics from the market is wonderful eye candy!! Hope all is well with you:):)

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