Farmers Market is Open

I am happy this “fine” Monday because our farmers market has officially opened for the season!

This market brags to be one of the largest in the midwest, with over 150 vendors. It has a four-year waiting list to get a vendor space!

Since it’s still quite early in the season, there weren’t many fruits and vegetables for sale yet. There were lots of flowering containers, cheese of course, and bakery.

We always buy something from the Amish, who make the best baked goodies. This time, I decided to try one of their mini bumbleberry pies, which has four different of berries. I bought it with the intention of trying pie for breakfast (thanks to Emerald for the idea).

I have always wanted to plant some of these lovely primrose perennials, so that is my mission this week. Wouldn’t those bright colors make a great quilt?!

There’s nothing like the opening of farmers market to get you excited for the growing season and sunny, warmer days!

8 thoughts on “Farmers Market is Open

  1. Hi Terri!

    How was the pie? It looks FANTASTIC, and so are these pictures! The flowers! Wow! I would have bought EVERYTHING!!

    Thanks for the link, too, BTW.

  2. Oh yes, pie for breakfast. One of my favorite ways to have pie. I love the cow cookie. What a wonderful idea and the perfect sweet to offer at a Farmers’ Market. Wish I was around your area so I could enjoy one with my grandson.

  3. Oh Terri, I can see why you love them, all those beautiful fresh produce. Gotta love that cow biscuit. Hope the pie was nice, did you buy some cream??? Have a great day.


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