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A Garden Tour: Spring Color

It’s that time of year, when we enjoy a daily treasure hunt through our yard to discover what’s new in our gardens. We’ve been lucky to get more regular sunshine and warmer temps, so things are growing like crazy.


tulips and grape hyacinth

pink tulip

orange tulips

blushing sunshine tulip

Grape Hyacinth

grape hyacinth

Raspberry Bushes

raspberry patch

New Blackberry Bushes

new blackberry shrubs

Woodland Poppy

woodland poppies

Willow Shrubs

Willow shrubs

Buds on Trees

crabapple buds

maple tree buds

New Maple Leaves

It’s one of my favorite things to do each morning and evening, walk around and see what’s new. Thanks for stopping by!


A Garden Tour: Spring is Here

What a difference sunshine and warmer temperatures make in our yard and our moods.


Here’s what our yard looked like just a few months ago… buried in snow.

winter in our yard 2013

Spring arrived a little late, so we are excited to finally see things come back to life these days.




Here’s my favorite spot to sit and daydream. It just needs some cushions, a sketchbook, and a cocktail.IMG_2098

Here’s my favorite view from my favorite spot. It’s fun to listen and watch the birds, bunnies and squirrels busy themselves with the things animals do.


Every time I take pictures in our yard and get ready to post them, things change so quickly. I will have more updates of some close-ups to share with you. Thanks for stopping by.


From My Inspiration File: Spring Green

One of the (many) reasons Spring is my favorite season is the color Green.

I love the color of new growth.

I love the color of new leaves.

I love the shininess of fresh hostas.

I love the delicate shoots of new ornamental grass, which changes colors as the wind blows through the green blades.

Even the lawn in spring is such a fresh green color.

I  noticed that I have at least six shirts in my spring and summer wardrobe, ranging from sage green to aqua. Take time to notice all the different shades and textures of spring green on your daily adventures. Thanks for stopping by!

Garden Update: Fresh Colors

One of the main reasons Spring is my favorite season is because there are so many beautiful colors coming alive these days!

Our trees are blooming like crazy.

I always think they look like a big bouquet in the backyard.

And I love to look at the flowers close up, to see the individual shapes of each petal and the little details inside.

The leaves are starting to spring out of the buds on the trees, which really fills in our yard, giving us a lot more privacy.

Our daffodils continue to bloom, and I keep finding more tulips opening. I always wish we had more clusters of tulips, so someone remind me in fall to plant more.

Our yellow woodland poppies are growing like crazy. They are tucked into a back corner on the West side of our house. Since our backyard is fenced in, you have to make an extra effort to walk on that side of the house to check on things. These plants spread, so I have to keep up on them regularly.

Our bleeding hearts are just starting to bloom. They are such a magical plant, aren’t they! True of many things in nature, something this beautiful has a trick up its sleeve: don’t touch them barehanded or you will get a rash.

We had a wicked thunderstorm over the weekend, which really brightened up the outdoors. I am looking forward to another week of new growth and surprises in our gardens. Soon, any chance for frost will be behind us for the year, and then gardening season will officially begin. I can’t wait!

Thanks for stopping by!

Garden Update: Slower Spring

Spring has slowed down a little bit around here with our recent overcast, cooler days. Darn, I was loving all that sunshine and summer temps.

So far, we’ve seen our crocuses bloom, our daffodils continue to open, our forsythia shrub is still glowing yellow but slowly changing to green, our red tulips are just about finished but more tulips are continuing to grow, and the tree buds are still sprouting but have slowed down a little bit.

I was feeling anxious to find something new from our gardens to share with you.

I already showed you our magnolia blossoms.

They are so beautiful that I just had to share more shots from a different perspective. I really want to use the colors and shapes in these shots as inspiration in my sketchbook.

Our vinca vines are coming back to life and filling out quite beautifully underneath our crapapple tree.

I never tire looking for treasures throughout our yard, even if not much has changed since my last update. It’s also good inspiration as I learn how to use my camera. I hope you don’t mind. We’re supposed to have more sunshine this week, so I’m hoping to find more new blossoms. Thanks for stopping by!

PS – if you have a chance, check out Randi’s gorgeous spring blossoms from her spring weekend!

Sketchbook Pages: Signs of Spring

One of the best parts about Spring is watching all the plants come back to life, since I live in a part of the world where vegetation goes dormant in the cold winter months.

I also love watching the birds come back to our neighborhood. Over the winter months, we still see cardinals and chickadees, but not many more varieties. It’s an exciting day when you spot your first robin of the season since it’s an indication spring is near. The mourning doves and grackles have returned early too. Great inspiration for a page in my sketchbook!

I’ve mentioned before how much I love daisies. They are such a cheerful flower, so I’ve been collecting a variety of daisy seed packets and plant tags for sketchbook inspiration. I know they aren’t a spring flower, but I had fun illustrating a little doodle anyway.

I have been doing a lot of painting for my color media class this semester, so I haven’t spent much time playing in my sketchbook. It felt great to mess up a page full of Easter-colored graffiti in preparation for my April calendar.

I ended up covering up some of the graffiti with the squares for the days of the week but I love the layered look. Note to self: definitely want to try more graffiti art in my sketchbook!

I had forgotten how much I like to experiment and play in my sketchbook. It was awesome to create without any pressure or deadlines. Thanks for stopping by!

Garden Update – Pink

Pink is a common color in gardens, especially in spring. It’s also one of those colors that you either love or hate. (I love it, by the way.)

I think pink tulips are so cheerful and charming.

Last year, I planted primroses in hopes that they would bloom early in spring. I was getting worried because I didn’t see any signs of life until a few days ago. Thank goodness! We have a yellow, white and pink variety lining the sidewalk up to our front porch.

So happy to see our magnolia shrub coming back to life. It’s a new plant in our yard, and we weren’t sure it was going to thrive.

I love this combination of pink and yellow tulips. Those yellow tulips have a delicate pink tip that looks like someone went out there with a fine tip marker.

Speaking of yellow and pink, these blushing beauty tulips are my favorites.

More pink flowers just started to bloom this week, including our bleeding hearts.

Most magnificent of all, our crab apple tree is blooming.

Many reasons why spring is my favorite time of year!

Art Cards 2011 – Week 17

I continue to be inspired to illustrate the natural world around me, especially as things warm up and come back to life in full color. That’s what I love about spring.

This past week, I smelled the sweet smell of fresh cut grass for the first time in over six months. It really was a sweet smell!

I also noticed the buds on our trees are finally starting to open.

I always struggle with ideas for my journaling on these cards, so I was excited to find a great quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that fit well with my illustration.

Stop by our Flickr group to see what Michelle and Sandra have been doing on their fun art cards.

Art Cards 2011 – Spring Swap

My friend Michelle and I agreed to swap art cards for each season throughout the year.

I was the lucky girl who came home to find all these Spring goodies waiting for me.

She made this amazing art card, with magical-looking fossilized flowers on side one, and

a beautiful illustration of a tree on side two.

Of course, she had to spoil me by sending a couple fabulous mini journals, and a stack of cool mulberry papers, made from the fibers of a mulberry tree and feathers beautifully when torn. (pictured in top photo)

She also made an adorable little envelope that I can use to carry business cards or art cards.

Here are the cards I sent to her for our Spring swap, which she shared in this post.

Creative, artsy friends are the best! They give you handmade gifts, and they love the handmade gifts you give them. The thought is what counts, as they say. Thank you, my friend!

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